Thursday, December 28, 2017

Pastor Sylvia White / Sylvia Prickitt Tree of Hope Ministry, Evangelical United Methodist Church, First Christian Church Billings

TREE OF HOPE MINISTRIES (A250519) which is Active, Registration Date; 04/04/2016
Has the address of the address of First Christian Church Billings Montana. I have spoken to Pastor Jeromy Emerling, he is aware of the matter.

Sylvia White/Prickitt stole, as she hacks into people’s email illegally.
She stole this intellectual property from BBG who actually is the rightful owner, the stolen property
has the address of First Christian Church Billings Montana and the phone number of that church.

I have emailed Pastor Jeromy Emerling regarding this matter as well.  However, the STOLEN
domain name is registered to the First Christian Church Billings address and their phone is t
he contact information, as well as Tree of Hope Ministry belonging to Pastor
Sylvia White / Sylvia Prickitt and the name is registered to Nicholas Kirsch.

Pastor Sylvia White / Sylvia Prickitt is also associated with Evangelical United Methodist Church
345 Broadwater Avenue Billings, Montana.

Pastor Sylvia White / Sylvia Prickitt claims to be a street minister in Billings living in an RV provided by the “community” or the “churches”, I believe that to be a Lie as Well.

If you have information about Sylvia Prickitt or she has scammed you, harmed you in any way, please email me at and also file a report with the local police.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Sylvia Prickitt White threatens LIMBO, another words taking Gods power upon herself to put people's lives on HOLD in Limbo as she calls it.

July 22nd, 2014 Sylvia White has NEWS and wants a phone call. God told her to go to Australia and that I have to go with her or stay in LIMBO forever and ever.

Sylvia Prickett White had been promising, pledging funding since March of 2014. At this time, however, she told me funding was only available if I went to Australia with her. I copied the texts, and I forwarded them at the time to others in the project for safekeeping.

June 22nd 2014

"Yes I Did Lie. Fear Loneliness. You know what that is. I have it to. Come with Me and Mentor me. You are so good. I will take care of you health wise."

COMPLETE lies. She rendered those involved homeless, she made people's health suffer including mine, rendering me homeless and with health issues, NOT help but the opposite.

"If you don't leave for awhile in the great scheme of things in a very little while, you won't have the castle, a home or your ministry. The funding won't come through I know it, I heard it. I Believe it."

The Castle being Manresa in Port Townsend as it was for sale and she claimed to be donating the money for my church to buy the castle and make it into my church.

So if I don't DO WHAT SYLVIA says then I will be homeless, have no church, and have no ministry.

"I want the funding too, it means I get to go live on a Ranch. It means I get to help people like you, save souls. If we don't do this the world will suffer.  I know it as sure as I Breath."

Keep in mind here Folks, the HE she is talking about is GOD.
"I am only his handmaiden He is telling me the money will not be released that it will stay in limbo and so will we.  I am not in charge of my life God is. I do not disobey anymore."

Sound like a CURSE doesn't it. She put us all in LIMBO for years and claimed she was the handmaiden of GOD and GOD told her to do it.

"The Money will Stay in Limbo. I am NOT in Charge of My Life God is." She blamed God for her Evil actions.  more on this coming soon.

"I can learn so much from you. You are so much stronger than I am spiritually. I see so much of me in you but more. I need to learn that from you. That's something Pastor John can't do for me. It's certainly nothing Jeff could teach me either. Come with Me."

""The IRS is holding up my money. I have 7 million. My cousin will mach it when it is released. I have to fund you. I also have to go to Australia before it can happen. I don't want to go alone. I did ask I did ask God how I was supposed to do that. The answer was it will happen. I know too that I can't do mission work to Pastor John until I fund.""

HERE is a VIDEO of the Texts

More on this Coming Soon, there is much to tell of what Pastor Sylvia Prickitt did to me and many others, and she continues to deliberately destroy lives, all the while having the power and money to actually help people. 

For a PDF of eMails or Texts on this Blog, please eMail me 

Pastor Sylvia Prickitt, Sylvia White Billings Montana

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